SCQHYA Guidelines for congress nyatt team


Any SCQHA approved show from January 1 to May 31st

  • Sponsorship requirements ($175) must be met by the Youth show and turned into the SCQHYA Treasurer or Advisor.
  • Complete the Intent Form and submit it to the Youth Advisor by the Youth show.
  • Submit a copy of your horse’s registration papers along with the Intent Form.
  • Compete in the Team Qualifying Classes. These classes may run concurrently with the All Age Youth Class. The top two (2) point earners in the Team qualifying classes will be offered places on the team. Two teams can be sent which would mean that the top four (4) point earners will be offered places. You can only be on one team.
  • You must be a member and in good standing of SCQHA and SCQHYA. If you did not fulfill your obligation to the team in the past and did not reimburse SCQHYA for monies spent, you are not eligible until you are in good standing.
  • NYATT classes are as follows (two entries per class per team):
    • Showmanship
    • Western Pleasure
    • Western Horsemanship
    • Hunter Under Saddle
    • Hunt Seat Equitation
    • Reining
    • Barrel Racing
  • If you are offered a team position, you have 24 hours to decide if you wish to accept. After accepting verbally or by signature, if for any reason other than death or illness of horse or member of his/her family member, you do not participate, you must repay the association for entry fees, stall fees, and any expenses such as clothing.
  • It is YOUR responsibility to acquire your stall if you are entering any other Congress classes. It is YOUR responsibility to let the youth advisor know if you are stalling with a trainer. SCQHYA will acquire your stall for you if you are entered only in the NYATT classes and are not stalling with a trainer. You are responsible for your own transportation and lodging.
  • You must participate in the Congress Opening Ceremonies to get the NYATT belt buckle and be eligible for the drawings, compete in the competition, and receive the stall and shaving monies.
  • SCQHYA will provide each team member with the funds for the stall fee ($ 100), shavings ($50), NYATT entry fees, and appropriate clothing for the opening ceremony providing they arc a member in good standing and all forms are signed and completed. Team Members that do not bring a horse will not receive stall or shavings money.



AQHYA-Congress-Guidelines (pdf)